GOT7 Jackson ranked 29th on the U.S. radio chart…The best performance among K-pop solo singers

[Reporter Seong Jung-eun of Daily Economy Star Today]

The group’s main rapper, Jackson Wang, ranked 29th in the ‘Media Bass Top 40’, which compiles and releases popular songs from radio channels across North America, for the first time among K-pop idol solo singers.

Jackson’s single ‘100 Ways’ announced on March 19th ranked 39th last month and entered the chart. After that, the chart continued to rise for the fifth week, and ranked on the 29th (local time), beating Travis Scott and Kid Cuddy’s ‘The Scotts’.

Jackson’s radio chart ranking is not only the best record for K-Pop idol group solo singers, but also the best for Chinese solo singers.

After the solo album ‘Mirrors’ released in October last year entered the 10 charts, including the 32nd place on the Billboard main chart ‘Billboard 200’, and entered the radio chart with a single ‘100 Ways’, Jackson entered the United States. He is strengthening his position in the US market.

“I am thrilled and honored by the amazing results,” Jackson said. “Thanks to the fans who always support me,” he said. “I will always work hard as one.”

Sean Miyashiro, CEO of Jackson’s US record label partner ’88RISING’, said, “The American radio chart is a popular measure of popularity and the highest known barrier to entry. 29th of the ‘media base top 40’ is a meaningful record as an Asian artist,” he said. “In the future, there is great expectation in the US market as well as in Korea and Asia.”

‘Media Base’ is a music industry service company affiliated with iHeartmedia that checks the number of radio broadcasts, and publishes the most popular songs by examining the sound sources played on 180 radio stations in the US and Canada markets. It is known as the most accurate criterion for radio popularity because scores are calculated in proportion to the listening rate of the sound source being played.

In addition, 88 Rising is a US-based global media company. It is mainly focusing on Asian artists and has gained great acclaim worldwide through its diverse content based on Youth Culture. It was the first American company that prepared for the Asian musician based music festival, ‘Head in the Clouds Music & Arts Festival,’ and was a great success. It launched a collaboration album with Cheongha.

Meanwhile, Jackson will release a special video of ‘100 Ways’ at 12:00 noon on July 1st (Korean time) to convey his gratitude to the fans for his 29th place on the radio chart. You can check it through the official channel of 88 RISING. Including Rich Brian, who also became a hot topic, George and Niki are the first Asian R&B musicians to top the Billboard Chart.
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