Moon Ji-ae expressed her gratitude to Jeon Jong-hwan for parenting even commuting to work at 3:00 am

[Daily Economy Star Today Reporter Kim So-yeon]

Announcer Moon Ji-ae showed her appreciation for her husband Jeon Jong-hwan, her fellow anchor.

On the 28th, Moon Ji-ae wrote on Instagram, “Having to get up at 3:00 in the morning to work is also meant that it is difficult to live a day in full condition”.

“Maybe the young singles would have a chance to spend their time after early work, but it would have been difficult for a father of two-year-old son expect a break. After working at the company and coming home, he actively participated in childcare without expressing his tiredness.” Shee expressed her appreciation for her husband, Jeon Jong-hwan.

Moon Ji-ae also said, “I didn’t neglect childcare as an excuse to go to work at dawn, but I think it wasn’t an easy task. And my son is now four years old,” talking about Jeon Jong-hwan, who helped her for parenting.

Then, “Yesterday, when the news ended, my husband had a birthday party, falling asleep after drinking a bottle of wine. Congratulations, thank you.”

On the other hand, Moon Ji-ae married a journalist Jeon Jong-hwan in 2012 and has a son.

Photo| Moon Ji-ae SNS

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