‘Shall we eat dinner together?’ Seo Ji-hye, Song Seung-heon and sweet romance chemistry… ‘Woo Do-hee’ is perfect for the mildang

[Daily Economy Star Today Reporter Kim So-yeon]

Actress Seo Ji-hye is showing off her sweet romance with Song Seung-heon as a melodrama.

In the MBC monthly drama ‘Shall we eat dinner together?’ that aired on the 29th?

On this day, Seo Ji-hye portrayed viewers’ excitement by portraying the pure charm of Woo Do-hee, who continues a sweet relationship with her boyfriend Kim Hae-kyung (Song Seung-heon). This is an active expression of Kim Hae-kyung, who cares about her and her ex-boyfriend, Jeong Jae-hyuk (Lee Ji-hoon). Calling Kim Hae-kyung first, she started to show off her aegyo, and even on a date, Woo Do-hee’s honest and affectionate appearance drew smiles from viewers.

On the other hand, the romance was improved with an unstoppable touches that was totally different from when you were shy in the past. Seo Ji-hye is shy in front of Kim Hae-kyung, who kisses carefully during the play, and at the same time, she completes a kiss scene like a picture and painted viewers in pink.

In the second half of the broadcast, viewers could see Woo Do-hee’s lovely moments. She couldn’t make an eye contact with Kim Hae-kyung, who tried to come closer to her, while kissing to him first before going to home.

You can see Seo Ji-hye’s performance that makes her expect more intense romance in the MBC Wolhwa mini-series ‘Shall we eat dinner together?’ broadcasted today (30th) at 9:30 pm?


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