Sunmi explains, netizen advocates “I haven’t ever undergone breast cancer surgery. Stop talking about that”

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When singer Sunmi explained her suspicion of breast surgery, and the netizens cheered her.

On the 29th, Sunmi appeared in the corner of ‘Your Appearance’ on the YouTube channel ‘Wonder K Original’, and had a time to comment directly while reading Internet Wikipedia and ‘Namu Wiki’ written by fans.

On this day, Sunmi directly referred to the rumor that “If you search my name after an event, ‘Sunmi Breast Surgery’ will appear as the related search word on the top.” “In fact, my breast is not big enough to suspect breast surgery. I cannot show my X-ray to reveal the truth. Many have suspected me. But, I haven’t ever had breast surgery,” she said.

As the female celebrity, Sun-mi, who talked about controversy over breast surgery, which can be somewhat embarrassing,  netizens cheered for her, saying, “Please stop.”

The netizens defended her, by saying “Why should she explain such groundless rumor?”

In addition, the netizens supported her, “I love you, regardless of your appearance”, “I’m busy to listen her songs, so I haven’t ever left any comment about Sunmi’s appearance”, “Many make groundless rumors about plastic surgery. Cheer up, Sunmi”.

Meanwhile, Sunmi made her debut as a group Wonder Girls in 2007. After disbanding Wonder Girls in 2017, she succeeded as a solo singer. Sunmi released a new song ‘Pporappippam’, which was written by herself on the 29th following hit songs such as ‘Full Moon’ and ‘Gashina’.

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