‘Wind, Clouds and Rain’ Kang Da-eun and Yiru, ‘Celebrity II Premium’ are old sayings [Tuk-tv]

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee of Daily Economy Star Today]

TV Chosun’s weekend drama ‘Wind, Clouds and Rain’, which broke through 5% of viewership in 5 weeks of airing, has two familiar faces. It is the daughter and son of Kang Seok-woo and Tae Jin-ah, who are likely to have seen it on TV.

They had a full-fledged acting declaring ceremony with this drama, and the act of melting into the drama calmed the negative view on ‘celebrity second generation premium’.

Kang Da-eun, the daughter of middle-aged actor Kang Seok-woo, debuted as an actor through ‘Wind, Clouds, and Rain’, and is appearing as ‘Songhwa’, who became a parasitic to support her brother’s public servant employment exam expenses.

She believes that her brother’s failure wasn’t just fortune, and she is a naive and good-natured person who cares about her older brother, who is challenging for 10 years than his situation, and her ailing mother, who became weaker while backing her son.

In the 4th episode of ‘Wind, Clouds and Rain’, aired on the 30th of last month, Kang Da-eun first appeared as the character of ‘Songhwa’, who became a hostess for the cost of her brother’s exam. Songhwa was one of the best artists in Joseon and the spectator, Choi Cheon-jung (Park Si-hoo), and Lee Bong-ryeon (Go Seong-hee), who has a mysterious ability to look out for the fate of people, with different ties.

Kang Da-eun, who studied Drama and Film at Dongguk University, has accumulated her acting skill with the dream of an actor, and showed a successful performance through her first work, ‘Wind, Cloud and Rain’.

Through the agency, Kang Da-eun said, “I am willing to learn a lot by watching other veteran actors’ acting in the field. I am very nervous because it is my first work, but I am trying to study and study the given role and show a good image.”

Tae Jin-ah’s son Yiru is also acting on the first historical drama. His acting is more natural than any other assistant actors. Yiru, who is better known as a singer and songwriter, participated in the drama after receiving special training in acting from a veteran actor, Jeon Kwang-ryul.

In the last production presentation, Yiru said, “My character wasn’t a well-known person like General Yi Sun-shin, so there was little information. I tried to show my imagination as much as possible,” he said.

Yiru plays the role of Lee Ha-jeon, who is competing for winning the throne of Joseon Dynasty.

In accordance with Choi Cheon-jung’s words, the changes in the heart and mind of Lee Ha-jeon, which changes from time to time, are revealed with an infinite number of facial expressions, and acting chemistry with Jeon Kwang-ryul (Lee Ha-eung) captured viewers. Here, he immersed himself by singing ‘Wind, ‘Cloud and Rain’,the OST of ‘Wind, Clouds and Rain’.

On the other hand,’Wind, Clouds and Rain’ is a factional drama about the story of a period of turbulent times in the late Joseon Dynasty, where characters filled with desires struggle with the throne.

‘Wind, Clouds and Rain’, based on novels of the same name, are considered to have portrayed the fate of a short-lived country in the late Joseon Dynasty based on epidemiology and theories of motto.

Park Si-hoo, who returned to the historical drama after a long time after the ‘Man of the Princess’, plays the role of Choi Cheon-jung, the best fortune teller of Joseon dynasty. Go Seong-hee plays the role of Lee Bong-ryeon, a princess who has gorgeous appearance and a mysterious ability, and Jeon Kwang-ryul plays the role of Lee Ha-eung.


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