WJSN finishes’Butterfly’ activity…A new record for himself → Billboard lighting

[Daily Economy Star Today Reporter Lee Da-gyeom]

The group WJSN successfully completed the ‘BUTTERFLY’ activity.

On the 28th, WJSN successfully completed the activity of the title song ‘Butterfly’ with the mini album ‘Neverland’ after the SBS music program ‘Inkigayo’. On official social media channel, WJSN said “We were happy every day thanks to the support of Friendship (official fan clubs). I always say thank you and love you”.

This album is another colorful leap and musical growth of the WJSN’s worldview that has caught the eyes and ears of music fans with its colorful concept. They made a fresh and interesting story by adapting one page of the familiar fairy tale ‘Peter Pan’ with the entire album, and with the title song ‘Butterfly’, they uncovered the story from the eyes of the character Tinkerbell in the fairy tale and added specialness.

The members’ musical participation also stood out. Rapper Exci was recognized for her outstanding musicality by recording her own song ‘Tra-la’ as well as making all songs, and Seol-ah participated in an album with her first composer ‘Our Garden’ since her debut, expressing her sincere feeling towards WJSN’s fan club. The heartfelt message towards ‘Friendship’ impressed the fans. In addition, the stage costume, which expressed a beautiful butterfly, is upgraded every week and boasts the splendor that makes the viewers interesting.

Based on this, WJSN set a record of history through this activity and spread their vibrant wings. Since the release of album, it has recorded more than 69,000 copies as the first album sales that can measure the size of the fandom by album sales for a week, and in the second day, it broke through the initial sales volume of the previous sales and set its own first record. In addition, MTV, SBS FiL ‘The Show’ and Mnet ‘M Countdown’ ranked first for two consecutive times. In addition, the American music media Billboard focused on highlighting the new song and released an exclusive interview, making a unique development as a global artist.

WJSN, who has steadily grown since their debut in 2016, also showed a dazzling presence as a major girl group by presenting highly immersive music by stimulating listeners’ fairy-tale imagination in this new album ‘Neverland’. Moreover, as WJSN shows outstanding performance in the acting and entertainment industry beyond the music industry, expectations are gathered for what kind of actions it will show in the future.


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