Wonho, the former member of Monsta X, confirms the official fan club name’Wenee’

[Daily Economy Star Today Reporter Lee Da-gyeom]

Wonho, the former member of boy band ‘MonstaX’, announced his official fan club name, ‘WENEE’.

On the afternoon of the 29th, Wonho announced the official fan club name through a live broadcast on the official Naver VLIVE channel.

Won-ho said, “It was finally announced the fandom name. I thought a lot about it because it was a name to be withme  for a long time. I’m sorry for waiting.” The final fan club name was confirmed as ‘WENEE’.

The official fandom name ‘WENEE’ is an abbreviation of’We need’ and ‘We are new ending’, which mean the new ending and ‘We need each other’.

“I chose my fandom name myself,” said Won-ho, who confirmed the official fan club name. The staff recommended another name to me, but I insisted to confirm my fan club’s name ‘WENEE’.”

Lastly, Wonho said, “It was a long time since I was a VLIVE with ‘WENEE’ guys. I’ll keep looking for you with other content.” he ended the VLIVE.

Meanwhile, Wonho recently signed an exclusive contract with Highline Entertainment, a label belonging to Starship, and announced his activity as a solo artist.


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