WOODZ wants to tell ‘WOODZ=Cho Seung Youn’

[Maeil Business Star Today Park Se-yeon]

Singer WOODZ (Cho Seung Youn) is thrilled to release his first solo album after seven years of debut.

On the 29th, WOODZ held an online showcase to commemorate the release of the first mini album ‘EQUAL’.

“I’m so excited and thrilled because it’s my first solo album,” he said about his first album released under the name WOODZ.

WOODZ said, “I have been attached this album ‘EQUAL’. It’s my first album, so I hope you enjoy listening. I want you to discover my new look, too.”

‘EQUAL’ is an album that started with the thought which one is true myself between ‘Cho Seung Youn & WOODZ’ and ‘WOODZ & Cho Seung Youn’ and it contains everything about WOODZ. All the beings shown by working as a group Unique, X1 are all the same self after all, and contain the same existence in every world created by WOODZ.

Regarding the album name ‘EQUAL’, WOODZ said, “When I prepared this album, I thought there would be some confusion between Cho Seung Youn and WOODZ. While processing the album, I’ve learned Cho Seung-yeon = WOODZ, so I made it “EQUAL” in the sense of showing it.”

This album contains total seven tracks, ‘Love Me Harder’, ‘LIFT UP’, ‘Accident’, ‘NOID’, ‘Waikiki (feat.Colde)’ ,’BUCK (feat. Punchnello)’, and ‘Phantasmgaria’, which he wrote the lyrics and composed.

The title song “Love Me Harder” is a song that FlowSik and NATHAN, who worked on the collaboration single “Recipe”, once again worked with WOODZ to produce.

WOODZ announces his first mini-album ‘EQUAL’ through an online music site at 6:00 pm on this day and starts a solo career.


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