‘Exercise Fat’, Kim Min-kyung, she lost her temper for the first time while exercising, “I have nothing to fear now!”

[Daily Economy Star Today Reporter Kim So-yeon]

Comedian Kim Min-kyung first appeared angry during the exercise.

In today’s (1st), the comedy TV web entertainment, ‘Exercise Fat’, which will be released at 6 pm, will offer customized classes using Pilates equipment.

After arriving at the filming site, Kim Min-kyung greeted to her Pilates teacher, saying  “I hear the voice of a baby girl”.

In this regard, Sim Eu-theum, the Pilates teacher, laughed brightly and continued explaining the moves to learn on this day.

Meanwhile, Kim Min-kyung challenged the posture of single straight leg stretch, and just lay down to see as if the upper body was struggling in the next move that had to be raised. In response, Young-sik nagged, “The upper body should come up,” and Kim Min-kyung said, “I have nothing to fear!”, making viewers laugh.

Also, in the high-up front posture using the instrument, Kim Min-kyung said that it was difficult to understand, and one of the staff members challenged. However, the same posture failed, and Young-sik, who watched from the side, expressed his frustration to the stiff and challenging staff. In response, Kim Min-kyung was crying and said, “Don’t say anything. Do you know what this heart is like?”, making all people laugh.

Indeed, you can check whether Kim Min-kyung will be able to master the high-up front pose perfectly on the YouTube channel ‘Tasty Guys’ at 6 pm.


Photo courtesy| Comedy TV
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