‘Marie Curie’ Ok Joo-hyun, movie-like trailer released

[Daily Economy Star Today Reporter Shin Young-eun]

The musical ‘Marie Curie’ (production Live Co., Ltd., directed by Kim Tae-hyung) released a trailer video reminiscent of a movie on the 1st at the opening of the 1st ticket at 2 PM to draw attention.

The trailer video of the musical ‘Marie Curie’, released on the morning of the 1st, implicitly captured the viewers, by unveiling a trailer, having a great quality, showing stories and relationship between characters.

Actress Ok Joo-hyun, who played the main role in the musical ‘Marie Curie’ as the main character ‘Maria Skłodowska-Curie’, has completely transformed into one of the greatest scientists in the play, and her unique charisma made a strong impression from the introduction of the trailer.

In particular, the trailer video, which borrows the framed composition of the musical ‘Marie Curie’ that starts with reminiscent of the youth, captured the narrative of the work and drew a hot response.

Then, Ok Joo-Hyun, who reproduced the ore to extract radium and melted it at high temperature on the play, expressed her passion for the research of Marie Curie with his whole body, such as stirring a huge pot full of smoke.

At the end of the video, she revealed the human face of a great scientist struggling in front of the dangers of radium, adding expectations to her stage.

On the other hand, the trailer video of the musical ‘Marie Curie’ captures the attention by capturing the narrative clearly based on the relationship between Marie and the people surrounding her.

Among all the plays, from ‘Marie Curie’, ‘Anne Kovalsky’, a friend who shared her heart, ‘Ruben Dupont’ who supported Marie’s research, ‘Pierre Curie’, husband and fellow researcher, and the craftsmen of the Radium Watch Factory. As the characters’ risk of radium is revealed, the process of forming a sharp angle of opposition is quickly captured, raising questions about the next development.

Since the entire role of the musical ‘Marie Curie’ is a double cast, the trailer video was also produced in two versions. Each trailer contains the contents of acts 1 and 2 of the play according to the narrative development, and subsequent videos will be released to the next week.

The trailer video released at the premiere in February also attracted enthusiastic reaction with overwhelming scale and refined visual beauty, so the new trailer video of the reenactment attracts attention.

The musical ‘Marie Curie’ is a factional genre of Musical that adds imagination to the history of ‘Marie Curie’, one of the greatest scientists in history, and highlights the life of ‘Marie Curie’ that has overcome adversity and hardship in the social prejudice of women and immigrants. By telling the story of the growth and overcoming of female scientists who faced the fear and faced the world.

At the time of the premiere, the musical ‘Marie Curie’, which was highly praised for ‘presenting a new era for a female epic drama’, set an exceptional record of 9.8 points in rating, 1st place in the pre-booking rate, and 210,000 views of live performances.

On the other hand, the musical ‘Marie Curie’ will open on July 30th at the Grand Theater of Daehakro Art Center in Hongik University, and the 1st ticket is scheduled to open at 2 pm on July 1 at the Interpark Ticket and Melon Ticket.


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