A netizen shared a story about Choi Bul-am, “He’s a nice old man”

[Daily Economy Star Today Reporter Shin Young-eun]

Actor Choi Bul-am(85)’s episode is shared on the internet.

A netizen posted a material on the online community on the 30th, titled, “I had worked for Sir Choi Bul-am when I was in my twenties.”

The netizen said that he worked as the manager of Choi Bul-am when he was in his 20s, and said, “He is a nice old man.” He said, “He was always kind to me, giving me pocket money. I still contact him. He occasionally say Hi to me, and to even my children.”

He also said, “He officiated my wedding. He accepted my suggestion to officiate my wedding, while I assumed that he won’t accept my suggestion. I heard that he still do volunteer work in Gimcheon.”

He said, “He has a humanity. I write this episode, after finding that some are trolling, targeting at a senior actor. He’s not an arrogant man.” He also released a picture of Choi Bul-am, that he took at his wedding.

Meanwhile, Choi Bul-am is 80. In 1967, he debuted with a drama “Sooyang Daegun”. Later, he played various roles on many dramas, including “Jeonwon dairy” and “King Sejong”. Now, he is the MC of “Koreans’ meal”, introducing Korean foods every week.


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