Choi Hee, showed off her beauty during pregnancy

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Choi Hee, the broadcaster, showed off her unchanging beauty while pregnant.

On the 2nd, Choi Hee posted several photos on her Instagram along with the phrase “I wanted to introduce a love colloection with the message ‘Let’s love and cherish myself.'”

In the released photo, Choi Hee showed off her beauty, leaning against the wall. On the 11th, Choi Hee, who created her YouTube channel ‘Choi Hee’s No Jam Hee TV’ is pregnant.

The netizens who came across the pictures responded to “You must be the baseball goddess”, “You look so pretty and bright”, “You’re so pretty”, “You become more pretty after pregnancy”.

Choi Hee made her debut as a cable channel KBSN sports announcer in 2010. Choi Hee married an celebrity businessman in April.

Photo| Choi Hee SNS

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