JYP’s “Yes, there’s no accusation… No good” (Official position specialist)

[Daily Economy Star Today Reporter Park Se-yeon]

JYP Entertainment has reaffirmed its strong willingness to respond to malicious comments against the group ITZY.

JYP Entertainment posted a notice on the official website on the 2nd, saying, “It is related to the infringement of artist rights. We are responding to offensive comments, the distribution of rumors and even sexual harassment, to file lawsuits against online trolls.”

They continued to collect evidence based on self-monitoring and fan reports, sued online trolls, testifying it at the court.

The agency said, “In the future, we will continue to take strong civil and criminal measures without forgiveness to the overall act of infringing on the rights of the artist.” We ask for a lot of information from the fans and not only the artists, but also all fans who love ITZY I will do my best.”

Hello. JYPE.

We are responding to the unprecedented willingness to respond to the artist’s image, reputation, and personality, such as indiscriminate demonization, spread of malicious rumors, and sexual harassment.

Evidence was continuously collected based on self-monitoring and reports from fans, and the legal representatives were also filed with the expert legal team to sue malicious posts and commenters.

In the future, we will continue to pursue strong civil and criminal measures without prejudice to the overall violation of artist rights.

We would like to ask a lot of information from fans, and we will do our best not to harm not only artists but also all fans who love ITZY. Thank you.


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