‘My unfamiliar family’ The power of empathy

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The depth of empathy deepens on every episodes of ‘My unfamiliar family’.

The popularity of tvN’s drama ” (play script Kim Eun-jung, director Kwon Young-il) is hot. The moment discovering the wounds and sincerity that they did not know in the secret that they could not tell because they are a family is more than empathy. As evidenced by this, the ratings have also risen; the past 10 viewerships recorded an average of 4.7% and 6% of households with the same ratings as their own on a paid platform that integrated cable, IPTV, and satellites. To keep it. (National standard for paid platform / provided by Nielsen Korea)

What is the secret of the popularity of ‘My unfamiliar family’ that drew empathy and immersion? It is based on the ‘family’, the most common relationship that is close but sometimes failing to deeply understand each other, but the way to solve it was different from that of any other drama. It is said that the unusual approach that reveals the stories and pains hidden in the surprising secrets of ordinary families has expanded the scope of empathy. The stories of the five families become completely different memories depending on each family members’ views. As the process of meeting the secret and coping with it is transmitted through each person’s eyes, it induces various empathy. ‘Empathy Magic’, which naturally remind views of their family, is a ‘family’ so they can experience special moments as possible. Characters are expressed through different relationships and perspectives of others, and points where the sincerity is revealed also have a different point.

Families who have been separated by selfish memories and misunderstandings that are different from each other include events that burst into doing soul-search, such as the birth of the mother Lee Jin-sook (Won Mi-kyung) and her father Kim Sang-shik (Jung Jin-young) returning to age 22, and the secret of the birth of her sister Kim Eun-ju (Choo Ja-hyun). Facing them, they made me look back on a family they hadn’t known. There was a compact narrative that made it a story of the individual, but eventually directed to the family. Realistically showing the gap between the individual’s memories and emotions associated with the entire family, knocked on the viewers’ hearts. If viewers have understood and immersed themselves in different emotions depending on their role and position in the family, the breadth of empathy expanded from ‘I’ to’We’, revealing the secrets and scars that they had been able to endure alone. Here is the true value of ‘My unfamiliar family’ that anyone can immerse in this family and look back at the scars and mysteries of my family that I didn’t know about.

Above all, the specialty of ‘My unfamiliar family’ is a variety of gazes toward the family. Although it draws a family that has been in trouble for many years and has been piled up and crushed, family members don’t not judge with the standards of right and wrong. Instead, there is only a difference between perspective and position. This is also a way to realistically depict the ‘family’, which is a relationship that hurts and receives. The process of separation between a loving couple, Kim Sang-sik and Lee Jin-suk, cannot be attributed to a person’s ‘wrong’. The same is true for Kim Eun-hee (Han Ye-ri) and Kim Eun-joo’s ‘selfish memories’ whose thorns have been wounded after the mother’s runaway. The process of looking back and understanding the wounds of an unfamiliar family gave a different level of empathy, as Kim Eun-joo, who had been desperate for her father, Kim Sang-sik, sympathized with her mother’s life after knowing the secret of her birth.

The conflicts between characters of ‘My unfamiliar family’, which don’t force emotions but are solved in a calm but delicate way, also amplifies empathy and afterglow. The confusion of the family faced with a shocking secret, the momentum of realizing the truth, do not exaggerate or coerce. Viewers assign emotion to each character, leaving room for active understanding and immersion. This was possible because there were ambassadors that sounded more as they chewed, directors who pointed out emotion lines in close-up narratives, and actors’ favor. The power of actors who do not miss even the slightest emotions is the driving force that draws empathy. The actors’ ‘fresh’ acting that realistically portrays the changes they feel while facing the secrets of the family and also unravels the twists and turns of complicated entanglement has drawn viewers’ praise every day. Writer Kim Eun-jung’s lines through the ages, pointing out the essence of family relationships, touches the warm and painful reality. “Do you know what the family problem is? That’s a lack of conversation. It’s really selfish to remember. I know only myself,” “The family knows so much about the places that others cannot find, so they can blow a powerful room at any time.” Another factor that maximized immersion was the directing of each family member who did their best in their respective positions, but even captured the feelings of each other’s loneliness and the feelings of those who could not truly look into each other. Kwon Young-il’s restrained direction, looking at the family with sincere gaze, amplifies emotions and attracts viewers.

Meanwhile, as Kim Sang-sik regained his memory, the truth about ‘living two houses’ was revealed, but the wounds accumulated in the years could not be resolved. Kim Eun-joo, who is having a hard time, faces the secret of her birth and decides to divorce. In addition, Park Chan-hyuk (Kim Ji-seok) awakened his feelings for Kim Eun-hee, and the relationship was predicted. The change began for those who could not even surpass the ‘good’ in secret and fear that could not be said because they were ‘family’. Indeed, attention is paid to whether it is possible to suture the wound through misunderstanding.

The tvN monthly drama, ‘My unfamiliar family’ is broadcast every Monday and Tuesday at 9pm.


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