“Oh My Baby,” Jang Na-ra’s comment, “It was a happy time.”

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tvN ‘Oh My Baby’ Jang Na-ra, Go Jun, Park Byung-eun, and Jeong Gun-joo left a lasting impression with appreciation for viewers.

tvN’s Wednesday and Thursday drama ‘Oh My Baby’ (played by Roh Sun-jae, director Nam Ki-hoon, hereinafter ‘Omabe’) is a romance story of Jang Jang Ha-ri, a childcare specialized magazine’s reporter who wants to skip marriage and have children, and three men who attract her. It is a masterpiece of actors boasting 200% of synchro with characters and some remarks that gives comfort to kidults (kids+adults) who are experiencing sympathetic acting and growth pains that increase viewers’ immersion for about 3 months. 

Especially in the 15th ending, the heartbreaking reunion of Jang Ha-ri (Jang Na-ra) and Han Yi-sang (Go Jun), who chose a heartbreaking farewell for each other’s happiness, stroke the chords of female viewers. Finally, I wondered if the romance of a strange couple who met their hearts could walk on the flower path and aroused their curiosity in the happy ending to be included in the final episode.

In this regard, Jang Na-ra, Go Jun, Park Byung-eun, and Jeong Gun-joo, who will finish their final journey through 16 episodes to be aired on the 2nd, shared their special feelings. From the work called ‘Omabe’ to a strange couple, they thanked the viewers for their infinite interest and affection, and gave my last greeting full of regret.

Jang Na-ra, who played a role of Jang Ha-ri, a reporter who doesn’t want to get married while being keen to have a child, expressed her special mind by saying, “I started shooting in a long-padded jacket on a cold day and ended in this summer.” “I did a lot of trouble at the ‘Oh My Baby’ team site, but I thanked you once again and was happy to have you smile all the time,” he said.

Go Jun, who took the role of ‘Han Yi-sang’ as a non-promiscuous single-minded and warm-hearted photographer, expressed his regretful feeling by saying, “I feel strange because this drama is end. With the warm support of many directors, Mr. Nam Ki-hoon, writer Roo Sun-jae, and others, I want to meet all of ‘Oh My Baby’ members again next time. I felt like I would meet again than I thought of parting, and I was really grateful for the long journey. ‘Oh my baby’ team, thank you very much,” said the staff and affection for the work.

Park Byung-eun, who showed his heartbreaking love for his girlfriend as ‘Yoon Jae-young’, the world’s most comfortable single Daddy who was struck by loneliness one day in the morning, said, “I started shooting in February, but it’s already been in late June when the sun shines. The shooting of the battle scene in the rain with Jang Na-ra and Go Jun was like yesterday, but the moment has already come to an end,” he said. “I did my best for 5 months and took a hard shot. Thank you for loving the viewers a lot.”

Lastly, Jeong Gun-joo, who boasted the infinite charm of Healing Young Man as a new employee of the coveted youth cartoon visual, ‘The Best rookie said,’ “Incredibly fast time. That’s why the scene was so comfortable and enjoyable, and it was so much fun to come out from the scene.” Next, “Nam Ki-hoon, of course, the actors’ chemistry was good, and I think it will remain as an impressive work. Thank you for watching’Oh My Baby’ so far”.

Meanwhile, tvN ‘Oh My Baby’ will be aired on the 2nd Thursday at 10:50 on the last episode.


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