‘Phantom Singer 3’ Rabidance, finalist’s statement “I will lead you to the world of maniac music”

[Reporter Seong Jung-eun of Daily Economy Star Today]

“The Phantom Singer 3” participant Rabidance, who entered the final stage, said, “I will guide you with maniac music.”

On the 2nd, JTBC unveiled an interview with the Rabidance team through YouTube. The team was composed of leader and bass Kim Paul, an American international student John Noh, a traditiona Korean musician Ko Young-yeol, and the youngest and musical actor Hwang Geon-ha. In the first round of the final, they sang ‘Heungta-ryeong’ and ‘Another star’ and won the first place.

Rabidance is a combination of English ‘Rabid’ (maniac) and’Guidance’ (guidance). The members explained the team name, “It means we will lead you to the world of maniac music.”

Ko Young-Yeol cited diversity as a strength of the team. “Our team is composed of three genres: vocal music, traditional Korean music, and musical.” “The diversity that four members are so diverse in color is our charm.”

“When Yong-yeol and I performed ‘Ti pathos’, I found that my singing performance is improved, enjoying singing without feeling nervous,” Hwang Geon-ha said about the most joyful moment. “I thought I could grow more and more.”

The final stage of the memorable stage was ‘Another star’. “It was a stage I enjoyed in the field that I wanted to do the most since I was a child,” said John Noh. “I was really happy to see us playing with music after being soaked in music.”

As for the “phantom singer,” he said the TV show is a great opportunity for debuting. “If the original had only vague direction for the future, Phantom Singer was a program that showed what I had dreamed of,” he said.

Through the interview, the four members of Rabidance revealed thoughts about their nicknames such as ‘Sculpture Handsome’ and ‘Human Cello’ and what they wanted to say to fans.

The final of JTBC ‘Phantom Singer 3’, where the 3rd Phantom Singer will be decided, will be broadcast live on the 3rd at 9 pm.


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