‘Psycho but it’s okay’ Park Shin-woo’s warm eyes… Directing behind the scenes

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tvN’s ‘Psycho But It’s OK’ reveals the behind-the-scenes story of director Park Shin-woo’s directing world.

The tvN Saturday drama’Psycho, but it’s okay’ (played by Cho Yong-woo, directed by Park Shin-woo) boasts a strong story and actors’ appreciation, and is especially popular for the sensuous directing sense that maximizes the synergy of all of these.

The scene depicted by the patient guardian Moon Kang-tae (Kim Soo-hyun) in a charming CG, the sequence of two expressing the happy mood of Moon Sang-tae(Oh Jung-se) with an autism spectrum, with a deep impression It is an episode of 3 episodes of patient Kwon Ki-do(Kwak Dong-yeon), in fact, showing impressive scenes every time, such as four episodes that compares the inside of Moon Kang-tae, who wanted to beloved by someone, back to a pure childhood. In particular, the reason that it is deeply engraved in viewers’ minds even after the broadcast is over is because the warm eyes of director Park Shin-woo, who seemed to say’it’s okay’ to all ‘a little different’ characters in the drama, are laid at the base.

In response to the growing interest in director Park Shin-woo, he said, “I usually worry about the ‘tone and manner’ of the drama when I’m directing. “There was a lot of concern about whether to follow that character or neutralize it. Of course, there seems to be more unique parts of the script than my script.”

Afterwards, about the point where he was troubled with directing, “The story and the subject I wanted to do was a very good script. I wanted to convey the authenticity of the story even if it takes a little time to sympathize and understand the material or character. After accepting some unusual parts, maybe a little strange, I think it’s a very attractive and fun story. So I wanted to focus on finding a way to direct this story,” he replied, showing his traces of trying to truly capture the story of the ‘little different’ characters.

Particularly in the second episode, the sequence of Moon Kang-tae’s older brother, Moon Sang-tae, who went to meet his favorite fairy tale writer Ko Moon-young (Seo Ye-ji), drew an explosive reaction by drawing a happy and pure world he looked at like a musical cheerfully and warmly. When asked about the story of the birth of the sequence, director Park Shin-woo said, “At the time of going to the autograph session, the happy feeling of the state was expressed in the script, but when I went to the shooting location, there were many interesting things.”

He said, “There are a lot of mannequins, there are cherry blossom streets, umbrellas are hanging, and there are pretty birds in springtime posters all over the streets, signs of dancing, rainy murals… How do they shine in a happy gaze? I thought about losing. I think I wanted to do more because the eyes of people with autism spectrum (ASD) were always depicted only in an anxious and terrifying way,” he said. “I personally think that the small feeling of loneliness felt when changing to the reality screen following the urge to follow is another point.” he added. This remark suggests how he was good at expressing the stories and characters in detail.

In directing Ko Moon-young’s character with antisocial personality in the play, he wanted to make her possession and obsession similar to that of a child who wants to have a toy at the beginning of the play. He mentions the scene in the fourth episode, “In the scene where the state covets the dinosaur toy, it overlaps with the saying of “Pretty” and “I want it”, what Ko Moon-young often say. These things show Ko Moon-young, who cannot distinguish between simple possession and love. “It is an important spectating point to see Moon Young who is still ignorant of the feelings of “love”,” he conceived with the hidden details.

In addition, “The performance of Kim Soo-hyun and Kwak Dong-yeon was so impressive that it was very impressive.” Director Park Shin-woo also revealed the three messages that aroused the hearts of many viewers with the emotional actors of the two actors. First, through a scene in which Moon Kang-tae, who had hidden his desire due to his busy life, projected himself to patient Kwon Ki-do, who played with his heart, regardless of the eyes of the people of the world, I wanted to show it.”

In addition, about the epilogue that showed that the memory of Kwon Ki-do, who went to the club, was actually a distorted memory at a decent hospital, “The monologues of prayer expressed in different versions in the middle of the broadcast and in the epilogue give a breakthrough to his fantasies and illnesses. It was not intended to be taken. I thought it would be nice to be able to feel the difference in emotion (image) when I look at the journey without understanding the person and when I look at it after understanding and agreeing with the person.” the director explained.

“Kang-tae’s expression of looking at prayer in the epilogue is also an expression of the feeling of unity that Kang-tae felt for prayer in this drama, but it is also the expression we can build after having an understanding of strangers” he added.

On the other hand, the fairy tale code in the drama is also an indispensable factor, and among the dramas in which the actual publication was recently announced, the storybook, stop-motion animation, epilogue, etc. become a hot topic. In this regard, director Park Shin-woo said, “It was not created in the context of emphasizing only the fairy tale codes.” “The theme of the work, the psychology of the protagonists, and the inside are embodied in the fairy tales in the work. “It was a very elaborate part of the artist, and it was strongly connected with the drama itself, so I wanted to introduce it in detail.”

In addition, viewers are sharing various interpretations by discovering various metaphors in the world of his directing, such as the sand art reflected after the scene where Moon Kang-tae, Ko Moon-young grasped the sword, and red shoes worn by Ko Moon-young, and the butterfly trauma that Moon Sang-tae has. Director Park Shin-woo, who received such a keen interest, expressed his sincere appreciation, “I think the interpretation of each acceptor is more important and valuable than my intention.”

Lastly, all different characters in ‘Psycho but it’s okay’ said, “I hope you to think all characters as someone who want you to have a meal together, walk in the same city, walk to the same school in the same neighborhood, at the same job in the same town, or whatever you want to do. At the same time, he expressed his affection and at the same time, he delivered a message to the viewers saying, “I want it to be a ‘good’ drama,” and healing romance is expected to be presented by Park Shin-woo.

On the other hand, Moon Kang-tae (Kim Soo-hyun), a psychiatric ward guard who refuses to love under the weight of his life, and Ko Moon-Young (Seo Ye-ji), a fairy tale writer who does not know about love due to her birth defects, is in love with a fantasy fairy tale that heals and heals each other’s wounds. tvN ‘Psycho But It’s Okay’, which draws a little strange romantic comedy about, is broadcast every Saturday and Sunday at 9pm.


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