‘Run for the Election’ Nana and Park Sung-Hoon face embarrassment at midnight

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‘Run for the Election’ Nana and Park Sung-hoon meet embarrassingly in the middle of the night.

On the 1st, KBS2’s new tree drama, ‘Run for the Election,’ was released for the first time. From the first episode, it captured viewers with hilarious stories, refreshing, and exhilarating fun as well as a real empathy story.

The response from the viewers was Tikitaka from Goo Sera (Nana) and Seo Gong-myeong (Park Sung-hoon):’Fire Moth’, which adds and replenishes civil complaints. The reaction that the awesome chemistry of the Devil King, Level 5 Officer Seo Gong-myeong was cute and lovely. After Goo Sera run for the election at the annual salary of 50 million won, he is interested in how the relationship between the two will change.

On the 2nd, the production team of the ‘Run for the Election’ is focusing attention by revealing the appearance of Goo Sera and Seo Gong-myeong, who faced a somewhat embarrassing situation in the middle of the night before the 2nd broadcast.

In the photo, Goo Sera appeared in the middle of the night with her luggage packed. Even carrying a rucksack on her back, she is dragging up to the carrier and struggling up the hill road in the neighborhood. It is totally different from the moment when 50 candidates were signed to register as candidates for the council. Seo Gong-myeong, who found Goo Sera who seemed to be running away at night, looks surprised and puzzled.

Above all, the chemistry of two people is outstanding. Unlike Goo Sera, who turned around pretending not to know what was unnoticed, Seo Gong-myeong is carrying Goo Sera’s carrier. The reason why Goo Sera is wandering the way in the middle of the night, and in a somewhat embarrassing situation, Goo Sera and Seo Gong-myeong encounter an interesting curiosity about what to talk to.

The production team of the ‘Run for the Election’ said, “The chemistry of Goo Sera and Seo Gong-myeong is one of the very important parts of our drama. Nana and Park Sung-hoon show off their perfect acting performances with extraordinary consideration and passion. The above scene is also expected to stand out from the other two, Tikitaka and Chemi. We ask for your interest and expectations.”

‘Run for the Election’ is an office romantic comedy drama where the king of civil affairs complaints, Goo Ser(aka Bull Moth) intervenes, protests, resolves, and even loves at the ward office. On the second episode, which allows you to check out the lovely Tikitaka of Nana and Park Sung-hoon, will be aired today (2nd) at 9:30pm.


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