Sairo, today (2nd) new song comeback… Black Eyed Pilseung Producing X Nafla Featured

[Daily Economy Star Today Reporter Park Se-yeon]

‘Good-looking boy band’ Sairo (415) will comeback with a new song.

Sairo announces the new digital single ‘There will be no wishes’ at 6 pm on the 2nd and begins full-scale activity.

This is the first song to be produced for a male duo song since the formation of the Black Eyed Pilseung, the best hit song maker in Korea, that said, “There will be no wishes” for Sairo’s new song. In addition, Nafla, which is considered as the hottest rapper recently, participated in the feature and created a perfect ‘Chemie’ with Sairo.

The Black Eyed Pilseung and Nafla’ comeback under the support shot will be closer to fans and the public through various channels in the future. It is also planning to appear in music broadcasts that have not been conducted before.

Previously, Sairo raised their expectations for a comeback by boasting ‘their good-looking appearance like idol group’ and revealing trendy and sophisticated teasers one after another. As a result, attention has been paid to what those who have made bold changes to achieve this time.

Sairo’s new song ‘There will be no wishes’ is a reggae-based R&B hip-hop song. It is a song that expresses wittily and cutely, ‘If there’s no wish,’ if you forget your loved one for a day.

Sairo is the same age duo of Jo Hyun-seung and Jang In-tae who were born on the same day of the same year. Born on April 15, 1997, two members met fatefully to form ‘Siro’. As a singer-songwriter group that has both vocal and composition skills, both members have appeared in the music industry with their debut single’At that time, when we loved’ and are constantly working.

Sairo releases a new single, ‘There will be no wishes’, at 6 pm on the 2nd and starts an activity.

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