Uhm Jung-hwa, proud of his luxury abs, tears his legs 180 degrees…

[Daily Economy Star Today Lee Hae-jeong Intern Reporter]

Singer Uhm Jung-hwa revealed the secret of her beauty and luxury body.

On the 2nd, Uhm Jung-hwa unveiled a photo in motion with her dog ‘Super’ on Instagram.

In the photo, Uhm Jung-hwa stands effortlessly with a fairly heavy dumbbell. ‘Super’, standing next to her, is curious about what Uhm Jung-hwa is doing.

In another photo, Uhm Jung-hwa shows the incredible flexibility of tearing her legs 180 degrees and contains the super figure lying on her front. Uhm Jung-hwa made a movement in a peaceful expression that is not believed to be tearing her legs.

Uhm Jung-hwa shared his daily life with Super on Instagram, but also revealed her face as a ‘dog mother’. Uhm Jung-hwa’s companion dog loves to stop at the gym.

Meanwhile, Uhm Jung-hwa played a role as ‘Mi-young’ in the movie ‘Okay Madame’. ‘Okay Madame’ is about to screened in August.


Photo| Uhm Jung-hwa SNS

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