“We focus on Romantic Comedy, not politics” Nana and Park Sung-Hoon on ‘Run for the Election’ [MK Site]

Nana, Park Sung-hoon. Photo|KBS

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Nana and Park Sung-hoon throws an ‘announcement mark’ at the home theater with a bright and pleasant office loco.

On the afternoon of the 1st, an online production presentation was held for KBS2’s new tree drama ‘Run for the Election’ (the script Moon Hyun-kyung, directing Hwang Seung-gi, Choi Yeon-soo, hereinafter’the presentation’). Hwang Seung-gi PD and actor Nana, Park Sung-hoon participated in this production presentation, which was conducted live online due to the aftermath of the spread of Covid-19.

‘Run for the Election’ depicts a pleasant office romantic comedy about a woman who runs for the election instead of finding a job, and a man who falls in love with the women, while helping her.

Nana played the role of Goo Sera, a king of civil servants and a job seeker, called ‘The Bull Moth’ in the play. Park Sung-hoon is playing the role of civil servant, Seo Gong-myeong.

PD Hwang Seung-gi said, “’Run for the Election’ is based on politics, but the background space is the municipal. It is based on a small-scale political story. In that, Sera and Gong-myeong faced injustice, dating and protesting.”

PD Hwang Seung-gi showed confidence in casting with Nana and Park Sung-hoon. “I was wondering if I could get this script and work with both actors. Nana, who has an cool and intelligent image, actually sees charm when she does something bright and comical. Park Sung-hoon is an actor whom I can trust in acting among men I’ve seen. I only thought about acting. Recognition and other things are important, but I thought it would digest well,” he said. It was praised as “a drama with nothing to spread with smoke.”

Nana and Park Sung-hoon also showed confidence in Hwang Seung-gi’s cast. Nana said, “Before I received the script, I worked with him before, so I knew the director’s propensity and the atmosphere of the filming site. I greatly trust the director. I thought I want to work with him again before I saw the script. I read the script for the director’s credibility, but the script was so interesting, bright, and good for me. No need to worry. I had a ‘justice’ with Park Sung-hoon, but there was no conflict in the play. There was also an expectation that I could breathe this time.”

Park Sung-hoon also revealed that PD and Nana Hwang Seung-gi are one of the reasons for their appearance, and said, “There was a deep bond and trust in the director. “Nana said that she want to enjoy together, so we joined with joy.”

Nana said about her chemistry with Park Sung-hoon, “I can act well with Park Sung-hoon. He takes care of me, fill, and teach me what I lack. I am doing it very comfortably and well.”

Park Sung-hoon also said, “There is nothing daring to teach. “It’s so good that we can just add one piece of work as a joke during the break because each other’s breathing fits well without overflowing or lacking parts.”

Nana, Hwang Seung-gi PD, Park Sung-hoon. Photo|KBS

In addition, Hwang Seung-gi, PD, also revealed the reason for the background of the municipal, unlike political dramas.

He said, “It must be familiar. The material character of the political drama will be melted. The background itself is a little different. It is not based on the National Assembly or the central politics, but the municipal. People distrust politics and politicians. Politics is close and important to our daily lives.”

“I think it is local politics that meets politics in our daily lives. There is an artist’s desire to look at politics with interest. It will be fun because people don’t know. I’m not sure what the old lawmakers got together to talk about and make decisions about. I think it was hoped that it would be a chance to get a close feel for how important and close work our closest politicians are doing.”

Lastly, PD Hwang Seung-gi said, “It focuses on romantic comedy, rather than politics.” It is an obvious story, but the young people we see today are the main characters. It is a drama that talks about injustice, loves to your heart’s content, and tells you what you want to say. It’s when I was down to Covid-19, and it’s a drama that I can watch and smile happily ever after. I am trying to make it a bright drama,” he said.

‘Run for the Election’ will be aired on the 1st at 9:30 pm.


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