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‘Backstreet Rookie’ is catching the home theater.

SBS drama ‘Backstreet Rookie’ (written by Son Geum-ju, directed by Lee Myung-woo) is tapping the hearts of viewers by unfolding stories that laugh and empathize against the backdrop of a convenience store in a close-knit space. ‘Backstreet Rookie’ is a 24-hour comic romance with a handsome manager Choi Dae-hyeon (Ji Chang-wook) and unique part timer Jeong Saet-byeol (Kim Yoo-jung).

In particular, ‘Backstreet Rookie’ is an uncomplicated and enjoyable emotional drama that anyone can enjoy, and the ratings are rising. The last 4 broadcasts rose vertically from 7.4% in 3 episodes to 9.4% (Nielsen Korea, based on Part 2) of households in the metropolitan area, and the highest viewership per minute exceeded the double digit of 10.1%. What is the charm?

# Attack of interesting stories that de-stress viewers

‘Backstreet Rookie’ is getting a good response by giving cool laughter to viewers who want to laugh. Director Lee Myung-woo, who showed the essence of a B-class comedy through his previous work, ‘Yeolhyeol Priest’, enjoyed the pleasure of parodying famous scenes of other movies and dramas in ‘Backstreet Rookie’. Various comic scenes, including Ji Chang-wook and Kim Yu-Jung’s ‘Pulp Fiction’ couple dance parody, also attracted attention. It also responded that CG’s amazing use of popping out without vigilance and the insertion of sensed music stand out. It is called as ‘a drama that is humorous and entertaining’ and makes viewers laugh.

# Transformation of Ji Chang-wook and Kim Yu-jung

Ji Chang-wook and Kim Yu-jung’s passion for playing in this play have ‘Backstreet Rookie’ become more popular. Ji Chang-wook, who put down the charisma, is the sloppy manager, Choi Dae-hyun. Kim Yu-jung left a strong impression by drawing the character of Jeong Sae-byeol, who kicks to the offensive customers at a convenience store. The more times the meeting is held, the more interesting it is to watch Ji Chang-wook and Kim Yu-jung’s Tikitaka Chemi, who boast breathless breathing, as an indispensable viewing point.

# Interesting characters + great acting performances

The roles of the actors who can’t cover the main and supporting roles are also essential. Their acting makes the background of ‘Jongno-district, Shinseong-dong’ alive. Family of Choi Dae-hyun’s virtual bread winner, Kim Seon-young (as Gong Bun-hee) and husband Lee Byung-jun, who is impeccable to her wife (as Choi Yong-pil), adds warmth to the delicious acting of life. Choi’s reggae hair friend Eom Moon-suk (who plays the role of Han Dal-shik), Jeong Sae-byeol’s unique friends Seo Ye-hwa (who plays the role of Hwang Geum-bi), and Yoon Soo (who plays the role of Cha Eun-jo) have emerged as rising stars with their unique acting.

# Stories and wonders of the main characters hidden behind laughter

Another charm of ‘Backstreet Rookie’ is to laugh with excitement and make a sudden cry. The story of Choi Dae-hyun and Jeong Sae-byeol, which are gradually unraveling little by little, adds a sensational emotion. The story of Choi Dae-hyun, who quit the convenience store headquarters and became a manager, and the story of Jeong Sae-byeol, who was hurt by people with prejudice against high school dropouts, stimulate viewers’ curiosity, and how they will unfold in the future, and what heart-warming story they will unfold through this It is focusing attention.

Episode 5 of ‘Backstreet Rookie’, which attracts gold and sat master theaters with various charms, will be aired on the 3rd at 10 pm.


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