Ballerina Choi Ye-rim, married on July 7… Wedding pictorial released

[Daily Economy Star Today Reporter Shin Young-eun]

Ballerina Choi Ye-rim, who appeared in the dancing romance program Mnet ‘Somebody 2′, released her wedding photo before marriage.

I-wedding, an agency which is in charge of preparing for marriage, said, “On July 7th, Choi Ye-rim, an office worker, will invite their families to hold an outdoor wedding.”

Choi Ye-rim said, “Since elementary school, the families of both houses have known each other, but I have never seen my soon-to-be husband because he resided in England. Meanwhile, I came to England on a foreign audition schedule, and due to the request of his mother, I met him for the first time to deliver some stuff to him instead of his mother.”

“Since then, naturally, good feelings have developed, and I have had a long-distance relationship. At first, the parents were worried about our relationship, worrying that two families’ relationship risks being strained. Then, my soon-to-be husband proposed to me. The family was originally close, so the marriage decision was quick.”

Choi Ye-rim said, “I am still young and immature, and I have a lot to learn, but as a good wife and ballerina, I think I can become more mature after marriage. I’m going to live pretty well and hard,” he said.

Choi Ye-rim is a gorgeous ballerina with great ballet skill. In 2012, she entered the Korea Arts University. In 2012, she was ranked 1st in the South Africa International Dance Competition Junior, 1st in the Seoul International Dance Competition Senior, 2nd in 2014 at the Varna International Dance Competition, and 1st in the 2015 Youth America Grand Prix Paddeau. After joining the Houston Ballet in 2015, he joined the Primarisky Ballet in 2016 as a soloist.

Meanwhile, Choi Ye-rim’s couple will live in England after the wedding and will be faithful to each other’s roles.

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