‘Jeonhyunmu’s girlfriend’ Lee Hye-seong, after leaving KBS ‘Hye Jang Geum’ shares her news, Jeon Hyun-mu also hit ‘Like’

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The former KBS announcer Lee Hye-seong announced the current status after leaving the office, and while the interest was concentrated, the lover Jeon Hyun-mu responded and showed sweet love.

Announcer Lee Hye-seong posted a picture of a sandwich on her Instagram on the 2nd with a short introduction of “Homemade Fat Sandwich” and tagged “Hye Jang Geum” and “Cook Stargram”.

In the photo, a sandwich filled with eggs, green lettuce, cabbage, etc. is filled to make mouth-watering.

When the photo was released, the netizens responded with various reactions such as “You made it so well”, “You can sell it,” and “I’m on a diet, but take responsibility.”

Among them, Jeon Hyun-mu, who is in a public relationship, also gathered interest by pressing ‘Like’.

Based on the ties of KBS announcer, Lee Hye-Seong and Jeon Hyun-mu overcome the 15-year-old age gap in November last year and began a public relationship. Lee Hye-seong left KBS in May, which caused the marriage theory with Jeon Hyun-mu, but Jeon Hyun-mu dismissed it.


Photo| Lee Hye-sung SNS

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