Ji Chang-wook, donation certificate birthday gift…”You are more wonderful than me”

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Actor Ji Chang-wook certified his fans’ special birthday gifts.

Ji Chang-wook wrote on his Instagram on the 3rd, “A lot of people gathered this good heart to celebrate my birthday. You are such a wonderful person. I learn a lot, thank you and love you.” I posted the pictures with tags.

In the released photo, there is a donation certificate that proves that the actor Ji Chang-wook made a donation to a welfare foundation. Next to the certificate is a picture of Ji Chang-wook, smiling brightly and the text ‘Happy Ji Chang-wook’s birthday’ It reminds the fans of their love.

Another photo posted by Ji Chang-Wook shows the appearance of him smiling brightly while holding a flower basket.

Ji Chang-Wook has a bright smile while holding a basket of flowers that looks quite heavy. Ji Chang-wook made a neat and smart impression with a black suit and short hair.

When the news of Ji Chang-Wook’s birthday gift certification became known, the fans expressed their gratitude and congratulations, such as “We are better because we boast like this”, “The fans resemble Ji Chang-Wook, and the hearts of the fans are warm” have.

Recently, with the donation of fans celebrating the birthday of the star as a new fan culture, fans of Ji Chang-wook seem to have joined the warm good deeds.

Meanwhile, Ji Chang-wook is playing a role as a male protagonist in the SBS Geumto drama ‘Backstreet Rookie’.


Photo| Jiwook Ji SNS

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