“My life is brilliant” side “We acknowledged the problem of nurse assault scene, deletion” (Official)

[Daily Economy Star Today Reporter Kim So-yeon]

The video of the controversy over violence against the medical staff on the side of ‘My Brilliant Life’ was deleted.

An official from MBC’s daily drama ‘My Brilliant Life’ said on the 3rd, Daily Economy Star Today, “We recognized that there was a problem with the video and immediately removed it.”

In MBC’s daily drama, ‘My Brilliant Life’, aired on the 2nd, Go Sang-ah (Jin Ye-sol) visited the hospital to see her hospitalized mother. During this process, it was revealed that violence was made, such as verbal abuse and beating a nurse nursing a patient. After the video was aired, it appeared on Naver TV with the title of “Jin Ye-sol make a revenge in cool way to a rude nurse”.

This scene has a problem with the scenes that show the selfish and weird character of Go Sang-ah in the drama development, and the part that lightly consumed the crime of’medical assault’, which has emerged as a social problem, including the title of a clip image.

The netizens are criticizing such as “In reality, nurses often skip meals to take care of their patients, and being stretched off. This drama is distorting nurses’ efforts”.


Photo| MBC broadcast screen capture
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