‘Once again’ Cho Mi-ryeong Cho Han-cheol, Conflicts ‘What’s Up?’

[Daily Economy Star Today Reporter Yang So-young]

Cho Mi-ryeong and Cho Han-cheol unfold a confrontational situation that makes them sweat in their hands.

In the KBS2 weekend drama that will be broadcast this week, ‘Once again’ (plays Yang Hee-seung, Ahn Ah-reum, director Lee Jae-sang, production studio Dragon, Bon Factory), Cho Mi-ryeong (played by Yeon-hong) and Cho Han-cheol, who is threatening her, is drawn. Among the plays, Cho Han-cheol will appear as a gang, who lends money to Yeon-hong, and will add tension and excitement to the development.

Previously, Yeon-hong  suddenly came to Kang Cho-yeon (Lee Jung-eun) and asked for a drink, and on another day tried to lend her money. Moreover, after borrowing the money, “I got it. Haven’t I told you? I can do all things what I want”, she foresaw an intentional approach.

As the question about the identity of Yeon-hong was increasing, the last broadcast showed her re-appearance and exacerbated the tension. Kang Cho-yeon, who regrets saying that she had a bad dream, becomes a reality. This provoked tensions, suggesting that a dangerous event would unfold in the Yongju market.

Among them, the appearance of the endangered scarlet was captured, which aroused curiosity. The gangs threatening her and she is sitting on the wall add to the tension. This adds to the question of why the two are in conflict.

Indeed, what is the real reason that Yeon-hong visited Kang Cho-yeon, and whether Yeon-hong can get out of the situation immediately?

Cho Mi-ryeong and Cho Han-cheol’s breathtaking confrontation can be seen this week on Saturday, Sunday at 7:55 pm ‘Once again’.


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