The controversy over the scene of the violence committed by a nurse on ‘My Brilliant Life’… “Is violence a cool revenge?”

[Daily Economy Star Today Reporter Kim So-yeon]

‘My brilliant life’ was controversial as a scene of violence, committed by a medical staff.

On MBC’s daily drama ‘My Brilliant Life’, broadcast on the 2nd, Go Sang-a (Jin Ye-sol) insulted and assaulted a nurse.

On this day, Go Sang-ah came to the hospital to see her hospitalized mother. The nurse in charge came to wash the patient, saying, “Since the patient is still lying down, I will wipe her hands and face”.

When Go Sang-ah saw the nurse drawing nail art on her pinky finger, she said, “How dare a nurse grows nails, even though she takes care of patients.” At the same time, he showed a disregarding attitude, “How does this hospital train nurses here?”

So when the nurse refuted, “You have no right to judge me”. But, Go Sang-ah left offensive remark, saying “You are wearing imitation shoes, unashamed about committing illegal acts. And you have to feel ashamed about wearing imitation shoes. You unashamedly tell lie, never acknowledging that imitating design is illegal. And, you have to be care about your job much more. Moreover, you are so rude and just arrogant. But you are trying to kowtow to the wealthy people for your own sake”.

When the angry nurse tried to rush to Go Sang-ah, she did not hesitate to hit the cheek. After the video was aired, it appeared on Naver TV with the title of “Jin Ye-sol make a revenge in cool way to a rude nurse”.

When the video was released, the netizens said, “Each hospital has rules on uniform. It’s impossible”, “We’ve recently expressed our gratitude to health workers. But, this drama is demonizing them”, “Violence against medical staff has often been on controversy. Such scene should not be scripted”, “In reality, nurses often skip meals to take care of their patients, and being stretched off. This drama is distorting nurses’ efforts”, “Is violence a cool way to revenge?”

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