Kim Tae-woo and Trot star met…’GoStar BuStar’ hit 100,000 views

[Daily Economy Star Today Reporter Idagyeom]

Singer Kim Tae-woo’s YouTube entertainment ‘GoStar BuStar-I’m going to meet you now’ has set a hit record.

On the 5th episode of ‘GoStar BuStar’, released on the 3rd, trot stars from “Mr. Trot”, TV Chosun’s trot audition program, Kim Ho-jung, Ahn Seong-hoon and Nah Tae-joo appeared. They met with host Kim Tae-woo and showed off their past episodes before appearing in ‘Mr. Trot’.

Their episodes exceeded 100,000 views in 16 hours after being released and recorded 160,000 views on the afternoon of the 5th. The unusual meeting between Korean top artist Soul artist Kim Tae-woo and Trot’s majors recorded more than 10 times the number of previously released episodes, and set the highest record in the number of views on the channel itself.

‘GoStar BuStar’ invites top Korean artists, including Tei, Ailee, Insooni, Lim Jung-hee, Onetwo, Lee Chang-min, K JUN, and Giant Pink, regardless of generations, and attracts attention with excellent concept and new live YouTube entertainment that they have never seen before.

Meanwhile, ‘GoStar BuStar’ is a weekly mobile variety program that uses the 45-passenger multi-bus studio where multi-content can perform multi-contents to find destinations, restaurants, and people who want to meet. It will be broadcast on YouTube at 6pm on Friday.

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