‘Peninsula’ Selected for the First Screening film at the Singapore Theater

[Daily Economy Star Today Reporter Hyun-Jung Han]

It is gaining great popularity both in domestic film market and the global market. In Singapore, where the theater was shuttered due to the COVID-19, it attracted attention by selecting ‘Peninsula’ as the first screening film, with reopening theaters.

According to the U.S. media Variety on the 6th, major theaters in Singapore will start operating on July 13, and some independent theaters will resume operations on July 15. They chose ‘Peninsula’ as their first screening.

Singapore theaters decided to release ‘Peninsula’ as a reopening of film, while starting to screen Hollywood films such as Christopher Nolan’s ‘Tennet’ and Disney’s ‘Mullan’ on July 15th. In Singapore, the director Yeon Sang-ho’s ‘Train to Busan’ has gained popularity by setting a record high in Korean movies.

As Singapore theaters resume operations, each theater is limited to a maximum of 50 people at a time. Wearing a face mask and maintaining distance are essential.

Meanwhile, ‘Peninsula’ is invited to the 2020 Cannes Film Festival, and exported to 185 countries.


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