Taeyeon, notice of fans… “I’m thinking of handing out bracelets that I made”

[Daily Economy Star Today Lee Hae-jeong Intern Reporter]

Taeyeon, a member of Girls’ Generation, announced a surprise gift to ‘SONE’ (Girls’ Generation Fan Club).

Taeyeon posted a photo on her Instagram on the 6th with the words “I’m thinking of giving my bracelet to SONE.”

The photo shows Taeyeon’s thin wrist wearing two bracelets. The bracelet, which Taeyeon seems to have made, is decorated with beads of various colors, including pink, white, and blue. The cute and lovely bracelet seems to resemble Taeyeon’s sensibility.

As Taeyeon’s appearance, which is good at making songs and performing arts, attracts attention, expectations are raised as to whether’Wish’ will receive the gift of Taeyeon’s bracelet.

Meanwhile, Taeyeon released a new single ‘HAPPY’ in May, and is loved by fans.


Photo| Taeyeon SNS

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