Woo Ji-won,’Conversation of the Body’ reveals secrets to maintaining his appearance looks young “Diet and Exercise of muscle”

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In ‘Beginning of Health, Conversation of the Body’, Woo Ji-won appears on the episode that talks about the prevention of diabates, which threatens our health without any sign.

tvN’s ‘Beginning of Health, Conversation of the Body’ (Directed by Moon Hee-hyun, Kim Soo-hyun) (hereinafter referred to as ‘Conversation of the Body’), which is broadcast on the 6th, is a lifelong disease prediction talk show that predicts diseases through genetic testing and presents preventive solutions. Each time, the genetic testing of MC Jeon Hyun-moo, Lee Ji-hye, Moon Se-yoon, and Hong Shin-ae and guest conduct in-depth digging into diseases and presents solutions with specialists.

On this day, Woo Ji-won, the ‘Prince of the Court’, who lives a second life as a broadcaster from a basketball player, appears. Every panels on the show were surprised by Woo Ji-won’s appearance for looking too young compared to his age. And, he said that he regularly do exercise of muscle, maintaining healthy diets. His test, however, was not good unlike his young and healthy appearance, catching many people’s attention. He will also tell viewers the importance of regular exercise and healthy diets.

On this day, Woo Ji-won expressed his curiosity about diabetes by saying, “The blood sugar level is slightly higher than normal.” Therefore, this day’s broadcast focuses on diabetes prevention solutions. Diabetes is a disease that threatens our health without any symptom, as well as causing another diseases. Some unexpected behaviors are mentioned that cause diabetes: skipping brushing teeth; touching receipts too often; taking a nap for long hours; environment surrounded by dust mites.

In particular, specialists are gathering a lot of questions because they are expected to check the diet of cast members and release foods that are good for preventing diabetes. The performers taste one food known to be good for diabetes in the studio, and live reviews from the general public who have been diagnosed with diabetes also attract attention. Diabetes prevention solutions offered by specialists can be found on the air on this day.

In addition, on the same day, in the ‘Clinic’ corner, we talk with specialists about panic disorder. From the main causes of panic disorders, including severe stress, a method for self-diagnosing panic attacks is disclosed. Jeon Hyun-moo releases an episode the moment when he was stressed out a long time ago. In addition, fresh solutions from specialists to manage stress such as “monitor stress” and “determine worries” are eye-catching.

The tvN Lifetime Disease Prediction Talk Show ‘Beginning of Health, Conversation of the Body’ is broadcast every Monday at 7:40 pm.


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