Ahn Young-mi “My husband is not a accountant. He’s an office worker of a company headquartered in a foreign country”

[Daily Economy Star Today Reporter Shin Young-eun]

Ahn Young-mi, who recently announced the marriage report, mentioned her husband’s job.

In the MBC FM4U broadcast on the afternoon of the 7th, ‘We are Ahn Young-mi and Muzi of Dating at 2 pm’, Ahn Young-mi mentioned her husband’s job.

On this day, Ahn Young-mi said, “There is something I want to correct.” “My husband’s job is known as an accountant, but that’s not true.”

Then, she said, “Oh, there was a misinformation, but it kept coming out.”

She also added to her husband’s appearance, “My husband resembles Jason Momoa. His face looks like a character of Game of Thrones.”

On the other hand, Ahn Young-mi said in a live broadcast from YouTube channel Vivo on the 3rd, “I made a marriage report on February 28, 2020. I didn’t hide it. I told everyone I met, but I didn’t appear in the press. It revealed the fact of the high marriage report and collected the topic.

She added, “Many people questioned that whether I really married. My husband has been to the United States for 4 months. I’ve been separating with him for 4 months.”

In March 2015, Ahn Young-mi acknowledged her passion with her non-celebrity boyfriend and had a public passion. The two have developed a relationship between a guest and a listener in a radio program and become a lover.


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