Baek Geon-woo, COVID-19 Overcoming Project ‘We, Again’ Participate…”May the music be comforting”

[Reporter Seong Jung-eun of Daily Economy Star Today]

World-renowned pianist Baek Geon-woo expressed his impression of participating in the COVID-19 Overcoming Project.

‘We, Again: Hope from Korea’ (Hope Prom Korea), a classic hope project that overcomes COVID-19, co-hosted by the UN Habitat Korea Committee (Chairman Park Soo-hyun) and KBS, which is undertaking the development of’sustainable cities and communities’ Baek Geon-woo, a pianist appearing in'(‘We, Dashi’), shared his impression on the project.

Pianist Baek Geon-woo participated in this project to give hope to people all over the world through various meaningful stories through music. We summarized the interviews for participation in’We, Again’ by world-renowned pianist Baek Geon-woo.

Q. You haven’t been on TV shows frequently, what made you join this show?

I think the meaning of being together seems to be very important, there is music alone, music together, and eventually we are social animals. That means you can’t live alone. So, this pandemic gave us a chance to think about each other again.

I really put a lot of meaning on making music together these days. You can express your music by yourself, but there is nothing really happy, like two people feel the music together. It seems that we can feel something together, and we can find happiness in the end. So this time, I thought the idea of working with young musicians was so attractive, and I needed it during this period when I was disappointed with coronavirus. So I decided to have this event.

Q. What would you say for the audience who will be watching your performance in the future?

I think music is still a comfort to human life. As it is music that can move a person’s mind whether it is beautiful or what the contents of a song are, I hope that it will be a meaningful performance at this opportunity as a musician.

Q. You have digested the schedule for shooting classical performances outdoors, but how did you feel after working with your juniors on this project?

It was very fun. In fact, playing music doesn’t mean to beat together. It was so fun and rewarding to share and coordinate the music and content in the sheet music, and to make a sound with one heart.

Q. How did you feel when you played at each of the songs and venues in the classical performances played at Korean attractions? (or maybe it was your first time playing without an audience?)

Of course, I took pride in it because it was an opportunity to show Korean beauty to the world. But when you look at it, it seems that it is more important to think about what we have to think about now. The last book I read was ‘The Man Planting the Tree’, a short story by Jang Giono.

It’s a very easy-to-use novel about how one person can plant a tree and how good it can be for mankind. One person consistently planted a tree with such faith, and there comes spring water, life next to it, and a neighborhood. I wrote a story that proved that people thrive and that people can gather and live happily there, but now we need to see nature again. I don’t just think about enjoying nature, but I think I should be close. It seems so important, and if we respected it, we may not be in the same situation now, or even if we fly, we will be with Wisdom to find a way to live together because we will always be with this virus with us.

Q. Do you have any messages you would like to suggest or convey as an artist or adult in this situation?

What message will I send? I’m just someone who believed in the power of music and lived a lifetime, and music talks about each other. I hope it can be treated with great music rather than beautiful. Still, I wish I could get some peace of mind.

Q. What is the meaning of the phrase ‘We see hope again?’

Now this is a new experience, so everyone is having a hard time. And in fact, the cultural world is economically and everything is difficult now, but there has always been hope after all of those times. It will get better in the future, it will develop more, it will become stronger. And sum and each other.

Q. Do you have any stories you want to tell the people?

How painful was Schumann’s pain during this time. His life. I felt like playing something like that. And as a performer, I think it’s an opportunity to comfort the pain through this beautiful music and touch it. So I want to convey that message through music.

Meanwhile, the hope project to overcome Corona 19, ‘We, Again (CP Yoo Hung-sik, director Ko Se-jun)’ will be aired on KBS1 at 5:30 pm on the 11th (Sat), and then broadcast in 120 countries around the world through the KBS WORLD channel. Is expected.

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