Brady Anderson’s girlfriend, Stephanie, is she losing her weights? “Let’s lose my weight little bit more”

[Daily Economy Star Today Reporter Kim So-yeon]

Stephanie, who is from the girl group Cheon Sang-ji, revealed the current status.

Stephanie released her photo on Instagram on the 7th with the article, “Let’s lose my weight little bit more.. When I pull it out, it looks pretty when it is attached.

The photo shows stretching in the ballet practice room. The slender arms and legs that cannot be found in the flesh are eye-catching.

The netizens responded with “Cheer up”, “are you doing exercise with diet”, and “the limbs are too thin”?

Meanwhile, Stephanie revealed her handwritten letter through social media on the 26th of last month and said, “I am in love with Brady Anderson.” After her debut, Stephanie’s lover, Brady Anderson, is famous for joining the Cleveland Indians and the Baltimore Orioles, joining the Boston Red Sox in the major league in 1988.

Photo| Stephanie SNS
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