‘Hope Song at Noo’ Kim Shin Young X Shin Dong revealed #Simsim Tapa #Jung Hae-in #Losing his weights #Radio return (Comprehensive)

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Super Junior Shindong boasted a candid, simple statement.

Shindong appeared as a guest in MBC FM4U ‘I’m Kim Shin-young of Hope Song at Noon.

On this day, Kim Shin-young said to audiences at the beginning of her radio show, saying “Some misunderstand that I and Shindong are sibligns. But, we just have friendly relationship thanks to business. It’s been a long time to see Shindong since working for a radio show ‘Simsimtapa’ together”.

Shinyoung Kim surprised Shindong by telling Shindong about the long history of ‘Shimsimtapa’ and saying, “The actor Jung Hae-in also heard our radio.” Shin Dong replied, “I need to buy rice once,” and Kim Shin-young said, “I’m not pretty, but I’ll buy you rice.”

Following this, Kim Shin-young mentioned the appearance of Shin-dong, which she changed after dieting. Kim Shin-young said, “We both succeeded in losing our weights, so there are a lot of gaps in the camera.” Shin Dong also replied, “Yes, that’s a little awkward.”

“I’m on a diet now, so does Shindong?” asked Kim Shin-young. Shindong replied, “I’m holding too much, then steaming it out and keeping it.” Shindong added, “I lost 37kg in total” and Kim Shin-young also sympathized that “I lost my weight about 38kg”.

Next, to Kim Shin-young, who is maintaining her shapes after losing her weights, Shindong advised, “You have to lose your weights while eating something delicious so that you can maintain it.” Then he said, “When we were’ Simsimtapa’ in the past, if we exploded, we all gained weight.”

Kim Shin-young also asked Shindong, whom she had worked for a radio show together long time ago, “Do you have any intention to return to radio?” Shindong surprised Kim Shin-young by saying, “I’ve recently been to see a fortune teller…” Next, Kim Shin-young said, “See. You are born to be a radio show presenter.”

In addition, Kim Shin-young read the listener’s question and asked, “Shindong, you often find out celebrities who are in romantic relationship. Do you think Kim Shin-young currently has a boyfriend?” Shindong was embarrassed by Kim Shin-young by answering, “Yes, I often find out some celebrities who are hiding their romantic relationship. But, Shin-young often make mistakes a lot.”

Kim Shin-young said, “The director said that it wasn’t so…” Shindong also said, “Shin-young and me and dating have always been open.”

Meanwhile, Shin Dong and Kim Shin Young have been conducting MBC standard FM ‘Shin Dong, Kim Shin Young’s Simsimtapa’ for two and a half years since 2007. The two people boasted enough chemistry to be called’Kim Shin-dong’.


Photo| MBC visible radio capture

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