Kim Bo-sung “He blacked out after fighting against 13 men”

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee of Daily Economy Star Today]

Actor Kim Bo-sung, who has valued ‘faith’ for a lifetime, challenges MBN’s ‘Boy’s trot’.

Kim Bo-sung unveils the stage of tears devoted to his mother at MBN’s 20 billion project ‘Boy’s trot’ (planned/directed by Park Tae-ho), which will be broadcast on July 10.

‘Boy’s trot’ is the first trot survival program unfolding for stars for the first time in Korean broadcasting history.

Kim Bo-sung said, “I’ve kept my life in valuing faith, failing to celebrating my mother’s 80th birthday in February due to the COVID-19.” Kim Bo-sung’s mother, referring to the past when her son fought 13 to 1, said, “My son was black. I thought he was really dead.”

Kim Bo-sung, who started singing, saying, “Sing for all children who failed to expressed their gratitude to their parents,” poured out his heart toward his mother in a thick bass voice. In the second half of the stage, he knelt down to his knees. It is said that many teared due to Kim Bo-sung’s sincerity.

Kim Bo-sung, who even ran in one step to Daegu, which was in a difficult situation due to the spread of Coronavirus. A veteran singer Jinsung said, “I want to applaud Mr. Kim Bo-Sung,” saying that he praised Kim Bo-Sung for keeping his loyalty during the pandemic. In May, Kim Bo-sung released a song called ‘Korean Hymn’ for loyalty with the people struggling with COVID-19.

As for the result of Kim Bo-sung’s sincere stage, his expectations are already focused on whether he can survive in the cold-hearted trot survival.

‘Boy’s trot’ is an all-time project where celebrity hidden trot gossip fights to win a single crown. Singer Nam Jin, Hye Eun Lee, Kim Yeon Ja, Jin Sung, and Park Hyun Bin participated as legend judges. It will be aired on July 10 for the first time at 9:50 pm.

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