Kim Min-ah was accused of verbal abuse of teenage boys

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee of Daily Economy Star Today]

Kim Min-ah (29), a broadcaster who appeared on the government’s official YouTube channel and made sexual harassment comments to a middle school student boy, was accused by a conservative group.

The Korea Freedom Corps said on the 7th that Kim Min-ah has violated the Act on Child and Youth Sexual Protection (the sub-law), filing a lawsuit against her at the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency against Kim Min-a.

In addition, the group said that it will file a lawsuit against the president Moon Jae-in and Park Yang-woo the minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism for neglecting their duties as the chief director of Youtube, where Kim Min-ah left sexual abusive remarks. 

In a video link with a group of middle school students who are taking an online class in the aftermath of the COVID-19, on the South Korean government’s YouTube channel ‘Wat the Back Season 2’. She was criticized for asking questions that could be interpreted as sexual harassment.

The YouTube announced an apology on the controversial date channel and closed the content. Kim Min-ah also conveyed the meaning of apology through her Instagram on the 1st. He said, “I am clearly aware of the mistake I tried to bring into my personal domain under the name of broadcasting and make it a story.” She published an apology saying “It was a shameful behavior and I will not repeat it again.”
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