Lim Young-woong ‘Daebak-ya’, Lim Young-woong X Kim Ho-jung ‘Shape Of My Heart’, today (7th)

[Daily Economy Star Today Reporter Idagyeom]

On TV Chosun ‘Mulberry School’ and ‘Call Center of Love’, the soundtrack of ‘Shape Of My Heart’ sung by Lim Young-woong, is released with the new version that Lim Young-woong and Ho-Joong Kim sang together.

TV Chosun’s ‘Shape Of My Life’, sung by Lim Young-woong and Kim Ho-jung, broadcasted in the 12th episode of Daesung’s ‘The Great Jackpot’ that Lim Young-woong sang on ‘Mulberry School’, and ‘Shape Of My Life’ sang by Lim Young-woong and Kim Ho-jung were released on 7th, through various sound source sites at noon.

According to the officials, it was reported that Lim Young-woong received a request for approval through constant consultation with YG Entertainment for about 4 weeks in order to release ‘Daebak-ya’, which was sung by the ‘Mulberry School’ as a sound source.

In the 12th ‘Call Center of Love’ broadcast on June 18, ‘Shape Of My Life’, sung by Lim Young-woong and Kim Ho-jung, also received a sound approval decision through an internal meeting about two weeks after sending music to the original author, Sting Management. Both of them will be released together today.

Until these unreleased songs were released as music sources, Lim Young-woong showed a unique presence. It is said that Lim Young-woong’s charming voice and strong singing ability increased the completeness of the song and was released as a sound source with the approval of YG Entertainment and Sting Management.

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