‘Was it love?’ Why is it a 4 to 1 romance?… Writer Lee Seung-jin answers

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JTBC’s new tree drama ‘Was it love?’ (played by Lee Seung-jin, directed by Kim Do-hyung, produced by JTBC Studio, Gil Pictures) is planned for tomorrow (8th) and opened the door of the home theater with a 4 to 1 romance I give it. In the 14th year, the drama shows a story of  a single mom Noh Ae-jeong (Song Ji-hyo), an attractive bad guy, a good-looking and poor guy, a young fluttering guy, a scary but sexy guy. What is the reason why four men, not one, decided to come to affection? The author Lee Seung-jin gave the answer directly. The following is an answer of the author.

#. What kind of drama is’our love’

Four men with different charms appear in the thirty-seven single mom, who thinks ‘No more love in her life’. “It is also the ‘unlimited pentagram romance’ to show. I hope the four men and their 20s, five-color romance, and thrilling first love will come to mind in front of them, swaying in front of them.

#. The reason I gave Noh Ae-jung’s determined and ecstatic romance

It is an era of giving up on dreams and love. Dreams and love just became a luxury as I lived a grim reality every day. I started the drama twice a week, hoping that someone could enjoy this luxury for just an hour. We wanted to present the most exhilarating luxury of this era that we really want to enjoy to those who live heavy, difficult, hard, and thriving through their determined, light, consistently humorous, heart-pounding romance throughout watching.

#. Song Ji-hyo, Son Jo-joon, Song Jong-ho, Koo Ja-sung, and Kim Min-joon, and the actor’s synchro rate

The casting was very good. Song Ji-hyo, cheerful and brave, has a love rate of 100% with Noh Ae-jung. It is expected that Son Ho-jun, who is equipped with a pack of cotton, will transform into a more extraordinary pack when he meets the character of Oh Dae-oh. Although he looks neat and friendly, when talking, Song Jong-ho, who is full of wit, is good, but he is sure that he will digest the extreme charm that is salty. Koo Ja-sung perfectly looked like Oh Yeon-woo, with a smile and warm speech. Lastly, Kim Min-joon was so close to the visuals of Goo Pa-do that he drew in his head, and I felt like’it’s perfect’.

#. The ‘gift’ I want to convey to real viewers through the drama

Today, we believe that money and time must exist to achieve dreams and love. Through this determined and extravagant drama, I would like to present the gifts of ‘the excitement that the feelings of love that one felt may come again’ and ‘the comfort that you deserve such love’. I want this drama to be a healing in existence for someone who has been heavy all day long.

Meanwhile, ‘Was it love?’ will be aired on JTBC tomorrow at 8:30 on Wednesday (8th). And at 1:00 pm on this day, through the official YouTube channel of the JTBC drama (https://www.youtube.com/jtbcdrama), ‘Was it love?’ production attended by Song Ji-hyo, Son Ho-jun, Song Jong-ho, Koo Ja-sung, Kim Min-joon, Kim Da-som, and Kim Do-hyung attended It is broadcast live.

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