Yoon Hyun-min’s girlfriend, Baek Jin-hee, holding a puppy in her arms and smiling ‘Lovely’

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Actress Baek Jin-hee shared the lovely status.

On the 7th, Baek Jin-hee posted several pictures along with the words “Filca (Film Camera)” on her Instagram.

In the public picture, Baek Jin-hee holds a puppy in her arms and smiles, looking at the camera with a lovely smile. Baek Jin-hee attracted attention with her slender arms and innocent beauty. His youthful atmosphere stands out in the film camera.

The netizens who came across the photo responded with “The actress is so pretty”, “Lovely”, “Baek Jin-hee is pretty and the shelf is cute”. Meanwhile, Baek Jin-hee has been in public dating with actor Yoon Hyun-min for 4 years since 2017. Baek Jin-hee has been reviewing the next work since KBS2 drama ‘It’s Good to Die’, which was broadcast in 2018.


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