‘Alley Restaurant’ Pohang Gumtlo alley episode first broadcast, stop shooting with COVID-19’Ultimate situation’

[Reporter Seong Jung-eun of Daily Economy Star Today]

‘Alley Restaurant’ The longest project in Pohang, Gumtlo  alley is broadcast for the first time.

On the 8th, SBS ‘Baek Jong-won’s Alley Restaurant’, the 24th alley ‘Pohang Gumtlo Alley’ will be released for the first time.

Pohang Gumtlo  Alley is a place where the city of Pohang, Gyeongsangbuk-do, suffered due to fewer tourists due to the earthquake in 2017. All of 3MC Baek Jong-won, Kim Sung-joo and Jeong In-seon all expressed doubts about whether they could save commercial space in an alley without a floating population.

To make matters worse, the ‘Pohang Gumtlo’ episode was the first long-term project in the history of ‘Baek Jong-won’s Alley Restaurant’, which led to an unprecedented situation in which shooting was stopped due to COVID-19.

The first shop is ‘Seaweed noodle restaurant’. In the unique menu titled ‘Seaweed Seafood noodle’, which appeared in the port city of Pohang, 3MC showed expectations by imagining fresh seaweed and seafood. However, they couldn’t hide their disappointment by saying, “I feel like I’m different from my expectation,” in the visual of noodle discovered during the observation of the lunch market.

Having heard the boss’s unusual history of being from a ‘night club singer’, MC Kim Sung-joo immediately asked for a song from the boss, and the boss showed great singing skills so that everyone on the scene couldn’t hide the surprise. Kim Sung-joo, an MC specializing in music entertainment, also acknowledged his skills and gave generous cheers.

The second shop I found was ‘Homemade Frozen Pork cutlet restaurant’. From the inside of the store, it attracted attention with a more café-like appearance than a restaurant, but even during the lunch observation, only the drinks were sold, but even the regular customers who visited said, “I haven’t eaten pork cutlet here,” making the store’s identity more curious.

After seeing Baek Jong-won, who visited the store, the boss was surprised and nervous. Even the boss visited the bathroom in front of the MCs, who were greeted by the head office, and MC Kim Seong-ju wasn’t embarrassed by saying, “The boss who visited the bathroom for the first time in the alley restaurant.” Soon, the boss, asked to stop shooting ahead of the trial of Baek Jong-won.

The first story of the ‘Pohang Gumtlo’ episode can be found in Baek Jong-won’s Alley Restaurant, which is broadcast on the 8th at 11:10 pm.


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