‘Call Center of Love’ TOP 7 X Active 7, Application Songs Confrontation Jang Min-ho’read and don’t read’ stage released

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee of Daily Economy Star Today]

‘Call Center of Love’ TOP7 and active 7 enter the ‘Round of Trot Stars’ second round ‘Application Song Confrontation’ and showing their willingness to win.

The 14th episode of TV CHOSUN ‘We will sing every song you want-Call Center of Love’ (hereinafter ‘Call Center of Love’), which was broadcast on the 2nd, recorded 22% of the nationwide viewership rating, 3.2% higher than the previous broadcast, and was ranked 1st in the wood program. In addition, the highest viewership per minute skyrocketed to 23.1%, keeping the top throne in all channels of entertainment for 14 weeks in a row, followed by taking the top spot among all entertainment programs broadcasted for a week, and ‘Legend Trot Entertainment’ Proven solo.

In the 15th episode of ‘Call Center of Love’, which will be aired on the 9th of this coming Thursday, TOP7 and active 7 will perform ‘Applicant Song Confrontation’ following the 1st round ‘1 by 1 Deathmatch’ to present a chewy masterpiece at the home theater.’ In the second round of’The War of Trot Stars’,’Col Center Open’, from viewers who love TOP7 to fans of active duty 7, more calls than ever were made, and even the phone connection was fierce.

In particular, in the ‘Application Song Confrontation’, two teams fiercely competed, concentrating their attention by confronting an unknown, unprecedented confrontation. Moreover, the lagging team accelerated the sparkling confrontation by creating a band electrode as the team smashed it with a single ‘double score chance’ that could double the score. Following the last 1st round, where active 7 won the game after a close match, attention is drawn to which team will win in the 2nd round ‘Application Song Confrontation’ and the 3rd round ‘Group Song Confrontation’.

In addition, the first-generation trot idol Shin-Yu attracted attention by showing his lack of confidence in the poisonous ‘Application Song Confrontation’. “My fans all passed to TOP7,” and “I don’t know if anyone is active in the fan cafe,” he said. Interest is focused on whether Shinyu, who has been waiting for the name to be called, will be able to receive the application song.

On the other hand, on the day of recording, TOP7’s eldest brother, Jang Min-ho, unveiled the stage of ‘read and don’t read’. Above all, the producer of this song, Yeong-tak, built a chord and lit up the stage of his eldest brother Jang Min-ho, while Lim Young-woong and Kim Ho-jung aka ’91s’ played a special chorus and raised Heung-tuk to the highest level. Expectations are gathering on the TOP7’s ‘read and don’t read’ stage, which will be released for the first time.

The production team said, “Because it’s a touch of ‘Call Center of Love’, TOP7 showed extraordinary confidence in’Applicant Song Confrontation’ with active duty 7. I hope a lot of attention will be paid to the second ‘war on trot stars’.

The 15th episode of TV CHOSUN ‘We will sing every song you want-Call Center of Love’ will be broadcast at 10 pm on the 9th (Thu).

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