GreatGuys “Double comeback in’Run’·’In Summer’, goal is chart”

[Daily Economy Star Today Reporter Lee Da-gyeom]

GreatGuys said they would work on the goal with Chartin.

GreatGuys (Jai, Donghui, Dongin, Horyeong, Da-woon, Baekgeul, Hyeonchan, Haneul, Euiyeon) at the 2nd on the 8th at 2 pm at the Loun Art Hall in Yangcheon-gu, Seoul, ‘We’re Not Alone Chapter2: You & Me’ released a showcase to celebrate the release, and presented a new song stage.

The reason why Donghui came back with a double title song on this day, “The two songs are very different. ‘Run’ is sexy, and ‘In summer’ can show a sexy and gentle appearance. “I thought I would be able to create synergy with “.

Next, Horyong asked a question about the goal he wanted to achieve with this activity. The music broadcasting stage was the same, and every moment was important, but this time, I really want to do a chart-in.”

Meanwhile, GreatGuys are working on a double title song. The first title song,’RUN (My Heart Runs to You)’ is an intense dance song that proposes to the fans to run together towards the world we dream of, and the second title song, ‘In Summer’ is a remake song of Deuce’s song.

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