Seo Ye-ji, Lee Se-young, Stephanie, and Kim Bo-mi, take control of the physical sword with the shape of’microfiber’ [MK Issues]

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As the beauty women with full of volume have recently swept through the beauty world, the ‘thin’ beauty is attracting attention again. From Seo Ye-ji who seized a real-time search term with an extremely slim waist to the CG theory, followed by ’20-inch waist’ completed with an extreme diet, Lee Se-young, Stephanie, an active ballet instructor, and even actor Kim Bo-mi, who became a hot topic for keeping her body thin during pregnancy. Will trends change again?

Shortly after the tvN Saturday drama ‘Psycho But It’s Okay’ on the 5th, the waist of Seo Ye-ji became a hot issue on the internet.

On this day, Ko Moon-young (for Seo Ye-ji) went to a mental hospital where Mun Kang-tae (for Kim Soo-hyun) works for literature classes. Ko Mun-young appeared in pink two-piece emphasizing a thin waistline and caught the eye.

Shortly after the broadcast,’Seo Ye-ji’s Waist’ is a hot topic in the top real-time search terms of major portal sites. Netizens dominated the online real-time search query for two days with responses such as “She’s too thin. It’s not CG (computer graphic)”, “I’m curious about her waist size,” and “I’m wondering how she can keep her waist thin.”

Seo Ye-ji, who was famous for’ant waist’ and’a handful of waist’ from now on, is 169 cm tall and weighs 43 kg.

Comedian Lee Se-young also completed a 20-inch waist with an intense diet. On the afternoon of the 7th, the channel A, ‘The great Body’ (hereinafter referred to as’the body’), which was broadcasted on the afternoon of the 7th, was focused on Lee Se-young while talking about the sudden food diet. It is because of the body.

When Lady Jane saw Lee Se-young on this day, she was amazed that she was “very pretty,” and Lee Chang-hoon also said, “I thought she was a sexy singer when I came to say hello.” Jung Eun-ah also praised, “The waist line is really pretty than any celebrity I’ve ever seen.”

Lee Se-young was proud to say, “It’s 20 inches (50.8cm)!” “I was originally a skinny person, but I wanted to make a little more changes, so I lost my weight. I exercised for a week a week! I ended up with carbohydrates and sugars. So I am finished.”

Stephanie, who has been presenting the status quo for a long time, has also garnered much attention with her slender arms and legs. On the same day, Stephanie released the photo on Instagram on the same day with the article “Let’s take out a little more.. When I pull it out, it looks pretty when it comes to muscles. The picture doesn’t appear that way, but I am the biggest in the practice room.”

The photo shows the stretching in the ballet practice room. The slender arms and legs that could not be found in the massacre attracted attention. The netizens responded with “fighting”, “are you doing exercise with diet”, and “the limbs are too thin”?

Stephanie released her handwritten letter through social media on the 26th of last month, saying “I’m in love with Brady Anderson,” and revealed her first love after debut.

In addition, actor Kim Bo-mi attracted attention with her slim body during pregnancy. On the 8th, Kim Bo-mi posted a picture on her Instagram with a post saying, “Yesterday’s dinner. What was caring? You guys were so good. You made me impressive.”

In the public picture, Kim Bo-mi, who is having a good time with acquaintances, was shown, and wearing a halter top, he caught his eye by revealing his slender forearms and shoulders.

In particular, Kim Bo-mi announced that she had recently collapsed in the 18th week of pregnancy and was surprised by her weight of 45.4 kg. Boasting an incredible slender body that she is pregnant is becoming a hot topic.

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