A former manager of Shin Hyun-Joon reveals Shin’s gapjil, “Siphoned off salary, verbal abuse and even errands”…exploitative behaviors for 13 years

[Daily Economy Star Today Reporter Kim So-yeon]

Sudden suspicion of actor Shin Hyun-joon (52) was raised by ex-manager exposure.

On the 9th, Sports Today released an interview with Kim Gwang-seop, the former manager of  Shin Hyun-joon(52), through an article titled  ‘I’ve thought about suicide for 13 years… Representative Kim said that he had suffered from Shin Hyun-joon for 13 years and even thought of death in deep disappointment.

According to reports, Kim made a relationship with Shin Hyun-joon as a friend and started working as a manager at the suggestion of Shin Hyun-joon and worked together in 1995. In the first two years, he received 600,000 won in salary. Although it was an inadequate amount of money to live, I thought and accepted the dedication to the actor as the manager’s fate. Since then, he raised my salary to 1 million won, but he made a verbal promise to pay one tenth of the profits if I bring in a piece of work or an advertisement instead of paying it in six months.

“There is no contract for us during the time we work together. I once asked for a contract, but it wasn’t accepted.” After that, even if the advertisement for apparel and mobile phones worth 200 million to 300 million won, only 2 million won was paid. But, the former manager couldn’t complain.

Representative Kim has completed a number of films such as ‘Exodus’, ‘Bicheonmu’, ‘Siren’, ‘Killer’s Chatter’, ‘Barefoot Kibong’, and dramas such as ‘Gagsi-tal’, ‘Stupid Mother’, and ‘Ullala Couple’ And Channel A, ‘I heard it in the wind,’ and KBS2’s ‘Celebrity Broadcasting’ MC. However, there was no reasonable price.

Representative Kim said, “There was no salary for a long time, and the tenth of the profit promised verbally was not made. “The net profit from working with Shin Hyun-joon is less than 100 million won.”

I had to listen to profanity. According to Kim, Shin Hyun-joon have been always eager to shoot a movie, and looked down on him and ordered him to bring the movie. Representative Kim said, “It is understandable that there is an actor’s request for a work. But, it wasn’t the manager’s job,” he said. “But it was difficult to endure his anger and rudeness. Even when there was not much of the film industry’s need for Shin Hyun-Jun, the pressure was high.” .

In addition, Kim said it was difficult due to Shin Hyun-joon’s frequent complaints with the managers. He replaced 20 managers for 7-8 years, but the actor was always dissatisfied. In 2015, when a road manager wore a mask with a cold, Shin Hyun-joon ordered Kim’s mask to be worn without a letter and said that he poured out complaints that couldn’t be put in the mouth, from “Do you have incompetent disease” to “leprosy”? “He always had complaints with the managers. I changed managers frequently for satisfaction, but I quit.”

In addition to enduring Shin Hyun-joon, Kim claimed that he had to take care of Shin’s mother. From errands to reports on Shin Hyun-joon. Kim added that Shin Hyun-joon’s mother asked him to report his son’s situation and regards every day, and asked to bring him to church even on public holidays, personal car wash, and shopping errands. I told Shin Hyun-joon about this, but it was annoying to say “Can’t I do that?”

Kim said that he thought about his death after deep disappointment after looking back on his 13 years with 25 years. “I lost my motivation in life. I confess to regain my honor,” said Kim, who said he hoped no more victims like him would appear.

“We are not trying to sell an individual. “It’s about situations where you don’t treat your manager as a person,” he said. “This is happening somewhere now.”

Actor Lee Soon-Jae apologized for abusing his former manager, and while the human rights issue of the manager in the blind spot emerged, the revelation of former manager Shin Hyun-joon emerged and interest in Shin Hyun-joon’s clarification was raised.


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