‘Civilization Express’ Kang Dong-won, Jaejae’s’Seduction of Wolf’ Umbrella God’s’Amazing’

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Actor Kang Dong-won shows the umbrella scene on ‘The Temptation of the Wolf’ with Jae-jae.

Kang Dong-won, Lee Jung-hyun, and Ere, the main characters of the movie ‘Peninsula’, will appear in the SBS digital content ‘Specialized Civilization’, which will be released on the 9th.

The news of Kang Dong-won’s appearance on ‘Specialized Civilization’ was announced last month. Jae-jae asked about the fact that an article called unexpected behaviour about him for appear on ‘Specialized Civilization’, and Kang Dong-won jokingly said, ‘I didn’t know that the Specialized Civilization was such a great program.’

The Specialized Civilization crew was amazed, saying, “I though he’s a quiet man, but it seemed to he love chatting with others.” The production staff also admired Lee Jung-hyun, saying, “She was so kind and sweet that everyone reacted to Jaejae’s words.”

In the review section that scans the filmography of actors, Kang Dong-won unraveled some rumors that he added a halo effect to the scene of ‘Black Priests’. He also released an episode about a pig that he always carried in his arms. Jae-jae followed the umbrella scene of ‘The Temptation of the Wolf’ and all three actors were astonished.

The actors looked at each situation in the movie ‘The Peninsula’ and imagined how they would act in real life, not acting. It showed opposite reactions and actual reactions in the play, and amplified the expectations for the movie. Jaejae also set the three great actors as an audience and showed himself the ingenuity of greeting the stage.

Yeon Sang-ho’s movie ‘Peninsula’ is an action blockbuster depicting the final struggle of those left on the ruined land four years after ‘Train to Busan’.


Photo courtesy| SBS’Civilization Express’

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