‘Fun-Staurant’ Han Ji-hye’s mother and grandmother visit Jeju island

[Reporter Seong Jung-eun of Daily Economy Star Today]

‘Fun-Staurant’ Han Ji-hye’s mother and grandmother left Jeju Island.

The 12th menu confrontation on the theme of ‘Seaweed’ will begin in KBS2’s ‘Fun-Staurant’. Among them, Han Ji-hye, living in Jeju island invites her mother from Gwangju and her grandmother from Damyang to have a pleasant and having delicious foods. The three mother-daughters of Han Ji-hye, who closely resemble the unique sounds of laughting sound to big hands, are expected to give a big smile.

On this day, Han Ji-hye headed to Jeju Airport to meet her mother and grandmother. The three mothers and daughters gathered together in a few months said they were happy to burst into laughter as soon as they met. The appearance of a happy grandmother, mother, and Han Ji-hye, which resembles the sound of laughter, is said to have been “wonderful” and “looks good”. What made the viewers even more surprised was the enormous amount of luggage that both grandmothers and mothers had. Boxes of the same size as movers aroused curiosity.

After arriving at home, Han Ji-hye’s mother and her grandmother began to unpack the ice boxes from the plane. It is said that the mother and daughter of Gwangju, Damyang’s grandmother, were filled with side dishes and food from Namdo Island for the Han Ji-hye couple. Kimchi and all kinds of pickles by type, side dishes, huge amount of bulgogi, various seafood, and even chueotang. The side dish that does not end even if it is taken out is the level of hydration. Another is that it boasted a crazy visual that the mouth-watering gulp was over.

It is said that there were 25 kinds of ‘Namdo side dishes’ by a mother and grandmother who filled the table. It is said that Han Ji-hye opened her mouth and said, “I will eat for one year.” In fact, Han Ji-hye’s family gathered together at her grandmother’s house these days, so they dip 150 bags every year.

Meanwhile, on this day’s broadcast, a special recipe from Grandmother, which Han Ji-hye had eaten since childhood, will be released. At the granddaughter’s request to reproduce as her grandmother told me, the grandmother gave her a great laugh by guiding her granddaughter’s cooking without hesitation. The viewers also said, “Damyang’s Gordon Ramsay,” and said that they couldn’t shut up with their grandmother’s intense force. Han Ji-hye’s maternal grandmother and’Laugh Ji-hye’, who smiles constantly, stimulates the curiosity that Han Ji-hye’s chemistry has presented a laugh bomb.

You can see the story of Han Ji-hye’s mother and her grandmother who visited Jeju Island properly showing the flex of the side dish in Namdo in KBS2’s ‘Fun-Staurant’ broadcasted at 9:40 pm on the 10th.


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