Go Ara’s face is too small…”Be careful of the heat”

[Daily Economy Star Today Noulhee Intern Reporter]

Actress Go Ara greeted the small face and said hello.

Go Ara posted a picture on her Instagram on the 9th with the words “Be careful of the heat.”

In the public picture, Go Ara is taking a picture of herself in the mirror. Curly long hair and colorful patterned costumes make her unique lovely charm stand out. In particular, her beautiful appearance attracts attention.

The netizens who came across the photo admired her beauty by saying, “You looks like a pretty princess”, “Today’s sunny”, “You’re a fairy”.

Meanwhile, Go Ara is returning to the home theater with KBS2’s new tree drama ‘Dodosol Solar Sol’, which is first broadcast in August.


Photo| Goa SNS

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