Kim Eve mourns death of stalking perpetrator, “Rest in Peace”

[Daily Economy Star Today Reporter Kim So-yeon]

BJ Kim Eve mourned the death of Jin Warren Buffett, who had stalked her in the past.

“Even today, many people are sending voices of anxiety about what happened suddenly,” Kim Eve said on the SNS on the 8th.

Earlier on the 8th, BJ Jin Warren Buffett (real name Jin Hyun-ki, 40) died on the 8th. A villager reported to the police that Mr. Jin had passed out in a sidewalk block in an apartment complex in Bucheon, but Jin Warren Buffett was already dead at the time of discovery. The police estimate that Jin Warren Buffett made an extreme choice as evidence of the screen of a CC (closed circuit) TV that was caught trying to climb to the 20th floor of a nearby apartment rather than at home.

Jin Warren Buffett was sentenced to life imprisonment for charges of stalking Star BJ Kim Eve in 2012. It was also overwhelmed by the controversy over molestation of female viewers.

Photo| Kim Eve SNS
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